It is time to schedule your annual Security Risk Assessment for HIPAA Compliance


See how CHV and MTS can help make this a simple process for your health center.

The healthcare industry, with its valuable databases of extensive PHI, has become the most-breached industry sector. Healthcare saw a 300% increase in the number of ransomware attacks in the past year. The average cost of a single data breach has soared to $108,000 causing 60% of these small businesses to cease being able to operate. It has never been more important for healthcare organizations to have a solid foundation for every aspect of cybersecurity.

Your data sits in the crosshairs of strict regulations and determined cyber criminals. Each year, on an annual basis, you are required to complete a Security Risk Assessment (SRA). This annual audit identifies any security gaps within your practice and offers recommendations for remediating those flaws. The SRA is designed to demonstrate that your community health center is complying with HIPAA statutes and has in place the proper protocols and procedures to ensure the safekeeping and security of the private health information of your patients. Fines for non-compliance are steep, but the risk of becoming a victim of a security breach makes non-compliance an even more dire affair.

Who better to help your organization ensure proper safeguards are in place than a technology partner who knows compliance and security inside and out? Our Healthcare IT partner Med Tech Solutions puts security at the center of everything they do. MTS provides a holistic approach that delivers best-practice security products, technologies, and procedures to address vulnerabilities at every layer of your IT infrastructure – from your people, applications, and endpoints to your data and network.

It all begins, of course, with the Security Risk Assessment. The fourth quarter is already upon us. If you haven’t already done so in 2022, schedule your annual assessment. The risks are real – don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact MTS today to schedule your annual audit. (link to Med Tech landing page)

Registration is now open for our live webinar with Med Tech Solutions on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 1:00 pm ET. During this 1-hour, live presentation medical practices will learn a best-practice approach to building their IT security posture appropriately over time.

Achieving a confident IT security posture means chasing a wildly moving target. Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, the stakes of an attack keep rising, cyber insurance costs are skyrocketing, and implementing an IT security model that lets you sleep at night keeps getting more complex.

The challenge is that there’s no one-and-done approach to IT security. Even if there was, most organizations would struggle to implement and pay for a huge one-time initiative. But you can follow a proven path to IT security maturity. Finding your path lets you build your security posture appropriately over time, based on your organization’s risk factors and budget as well as compliance requirements, industry standards, and best practices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to develop your path to security maturity:

  • Go behind the headlines to identify the greatest threats to practices like yours, and the actions required from the cloud and IT providers to protect you
  • Understand what’s driving the fast-changing cyber insurance market, how underwriters decide rates, and what to look for in a policy
  • Prioritize security approaches based on the most-common vulnerabilities and create an ongoing path to security maturity that helps you balance costs and risk