There is a blind spot present in many places of work that creates health inequities for employees: the design of employer-sponsored health benefits. Traditional health insurance options often require premium cost sharing and include copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance, creating barriers to care for employees and inhibiting their use of services.

Designing insurance plans using a first-dollar coverage approach, which can cover copays and other costs up front removes these barriers to care, promotes health equity and, in many ways, aligns with the health center movement.

Join our Value in Benefits partner, Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc., for a 30-minute webinar to discover how:

  • First-dollar coverage can build health equity for employees and their families without incurring unsustainable costs.
  • A first-dollar coverage approach to health plan design has provided health centers with a strategic advantage in addressing workforce challenges.
  • Nonstop can assist health center leaders to take deliberate steps to redesign their health plans.
  • Nonstop’s solution, which incorporates a unique approach to first-dollar coverage plan design, has saved health centers over $40 million* in health insurance premiums and their staff nearly $12 million** in out-of-pocket expenses in 2019 and 2020.