The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) was founded in 1971 to promote efficient, high quality, comprehensive health care that is accessible, culturally and linguistically competent, community directed, and patient centered for all


NACHC Focus Areas & Expertise

Serves as the leading national advocacy organization in support of community-based health centers and the expansion of health care access for the medically underserved and uninsured.


Conducts research and analysis that informs both the public and private sectors about the work of health centers, their value to the American health care system and the overall health of the nation’s people and communities – both in terms of costs and health care outcomes.

Provides training, leadership development and technical assistance to health center staff and boards to support and strengthen health center operations and governance.


Develops alliances and partnerships with the public and private sectors to build stronger and healthier communities and bring greater resources to and investment in community health centers.

Value of NACHC Membership

This video highlights the value of an organizational membership with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). NACHC aims to strengthen, preserve, and expand the Community Health Center Movement through advocacy, technical assistance and training to strengthen and expand health center operations. Our members support the health center mission while enjoying great benefits along the way.

PCA Partnership Initiative

CHV is the only group purchasing organization to offer cost savings to health centers while supporting
the state, regional, and national associations working on health centers’ behalf.

CHV works with the vendor community to secure benefits and create partnerships that strengthen PCAs.

Since 2009, CHV has provided over $3.3 Million in rebates to PCAs. Over 36 PCAs have partner with CHV to
promote 62 vendor agreements.



Health Centers Reach Into America's Most Underserved Communities

Million Patients
CHCs Save
Billion Annually
CHCs Employ
Thousand FTEs
Patients Visits
Million Annually