In 2020, 71% of all health centers met or exceeded their Medicaid Managed Care Organization’s high-performance benchmark for helping patients achieve diabetic control.*  In fact, health centers reported that 64% of their diabetic patients had their diabetes under control compared to 19% of diabetics nationally.**  This high level of performance can be attributed – in part – to health centers’ commitment to early detection and their use of technology to quickly scale detection efforts.

Community Health Ventures partners with Optomed, the worldwide leader in handheld fundus cameras.  Optomed’s new camera, Optomed Halo, is fully automated and compact, allowing for safe and accessible eye examinations. Optomed Halo's high success rate with minimal training requires less operating time. High-quality images from the camera’s 12MP sensor, in addition to a small footprint, make Optomed Halo a perfect solution for many health centers.  Optomed Halo’s benefits include:

  • Portability
  • Flexibility
  • Superior optical performance
  • Easy connection to software solutions

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