The Value in Benefits (ViB) Program provides quality, affordable benefits and insurance options for health centers and their employees.

Through the Value in Benefits (ViB) program, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. is proudly changing the way health centers and their employees access healthcare. Nonstop’s core product, Nonstop Health, is an innovative first-dollar approach to plan design that does not require broker, carrier, or provider change. Nonstop Health provides cost certainty and savings for employers and reduces or eliminates upfront medical expenses for employees and their families. For more information about Nonstop, or to receive a savings analysis visit

Nonstop is committed to ensuring the growth and sustainability of the community health center movement. – starting with the health and well-being of their employees. Together, CHV and Nonstop strive to support health centers and their work towards safeguarding the health center workforce through innovative better - and more accessible - employee health insurance.

Nonstop Impact Report


*Estimated savings based on employee and dependent consumption pattern.

**This data is a baseline representation of the Nonstop Health premiums compared to a mid-level traditional fully-funded health plan and is calculated as part of the Nonstop Health renewal process.

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