Are you seeking strategic support to elevate your health center's capabilities? FNP may just have the unemployment and financial solutions for you! Discover how FNP can unlock new possibilities for your health center so that you can focus on what you do best:

Expertise in Sector: FNP specializes in providing unemployment cost-saving solutions to more than 2,200 nonprofit organizations, including 50 health centers, which means they have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of the nonprofit sector. Health centers, being nonprofit organizations, can benefit from their expertise and tailored solutions that consider the specific requirements of nonprofit organizations. The uncertainty of the economic landscape we are currently facing stresses the importance of having a provider with the ability to provide varying levels of insurance and loss control services to best suit the ever-changing needs of our health centers.

Cost Savings: FNP programs are designed to help organizations save on unemployment costs, which can be a significant expense for health centers. Due to the higher-than-average wages paid by health centers, most former employees filing for unemployment can collect maximum unemployment benefit payouts. Additionally, legislation in many states has been pushing for increased benefits since the COVID-19 pandemic, making unemployment liability higher than ever. FNP programs provide cost savings compared to traditional state unemployment tax programs. By reducing unemployment costs, organizations can allocate more resources to their core mission of providing healthcare services to their communities.

Risk Management: Health centers experience a high percentage of fraud claim filings as employers with higher wage earners are popular targets. FNP provides risk management services, including claims administration and support, which can help health centers effectively manage unemployment claims and combat fraud. Their expertise in navigating the complex unemployment insurance system can help minimize potential liability and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, reducing the financial and administrative burden on the organization.

Human Resources Support: FNP offers human resources support to health centers, including access to SPHR and PHR-certified advisors, employee training, and discounted background services. This support can help organizations ensure that their human resources practices comply with applicable laws and regulations and that their employees are adequately supported.

Customized Solutions: Each health center is unique in its service offerings and the community in which it provides care. FNP offers customized solutions tailored to each nonprofit organization's specific needs, including unemployment programs that provide stop loss, self-insured and fully insured coverage. They work closely with their clients to understand their unique requirements and deliver solutions that align with their mission, operations, and budget. This personalized approach can result in cost-effective and efficient strategies for managing unemployment costs.

New in 2022 - Employee Retention Credit Recovery: FNP has worked with several organizations across the country to assist them with assessing and filing the Employee Retention Credit. Health centers that retained their workforce and whose revenues are significantly impacted by COVID-19 may qualify for a tax refund of $26,000 per employee.

Reputation and Experience: FNP has served the nonprofit community for nearly 30 years and has a strong reputation for providing reliable and effective unemployment cost-saving solutions. Their experience in the industry, highlighted by their established track record of navigating clients through any type of labor market, can provide health centers with the utmost confidence in their services.

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