Medical Answering Services

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About Call 4 Health

Founded after a personal, heart-wrenching incident more than 20 years ago, Call 4 Health has gone from solely offering after-hours answering services to being a top-rated, complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the country. Here’s why:

“I became a caregiver for my mother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I experienced terrible response and service when trying to reach the healthcare professionals after-hours. After her passing, we started the company to make sure other patients and their family members would not have the same negative experience as I did.” Founded after a heart-wrenching incident, Call 4 Health has gone from only offering after-hours answering services to being a complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities throughout the country over the last 20 years.” Joe Pores, Founder, and CEO, Call 4 Health

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Medical Answering Services

Our medical answering service solution was the first program offered by Call 4 Health. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of a well-designed answering service solution and can customize it to match your needs. If you have limited staff we can process the overflow of calls often experienced during busy periods.

Nurse Triage

Call 4 Health understands the unique needs of our clients when it comes to providing nurse triage services. Since 1997, Call 4 Health has developed relationships with pediatricians and other physician practices, hospitals, community clinics, health plans and business organizations throughout the world. Our service gives patients access to accredited nurses.

Appointment Scheduling

Regardless of the appointment scheduling needs of your organization, what languages are needed or your desired hours of operation, Call 4 Health will take the time to be trained to utilize your existing appointment scheduling system or incorporate our web-based system and design a customized program that best suits your needs.