Throughout the pandemic many health centers had to rethink their dental practices.  But today, oral health services are coming back online  and NACHC’s business development affiliate, Community Health Ventures (CHV), is eager to help.

CHV partners with Benco Dental through the Value in Dental (ViD) Program.  ViD is the only national dental purchasing program endorsed by NACHC.  Benco and ViD offer standardized, discounted pricing to health centers with savings averaging 15%.  As the fastest growing dental distributor, Benco employs over 700 account executives who are supporting health centers as they reopen and adapt to the pandemic.

April 2021 VID Promos

The easiest way to determine which local banks are active supporters of small businesses is to speak with their bankers in person. Brick-and-mortar banks have a significant advantage over online banks or lenders in this respect. If you're interested in banks that participate in government-backed financing, the Small Business Administration also provides information on the most active SBA 7(a) lenders through its online resources. One example of a highly active small business lender is Wells Fargo, which has $459 million in outstanding SBA loans as of January 2017.

However, smaller banks tend to offer better service than national banks like Wells Fargo because they're able to concentrate more of their attention and resources in their immediate neighborhoods. Though they may not have as much capital available, you'll find that local banks tend to be more flexible and accommodating towards your business's specific circumstances. While online lending has made great strides in recent years, your best chances of getting a competitive loan rate are still with your local banks.