About Us

Community Health Ventures (CHV) was founded in 2000 under the direction of health center leadership, CHV is tasked with creating solutions to the economic pressures facing health centers.

By negotiating group-purchasing agreements for medical supplies and office supplies, insurance, staffing solutions, lab agreements, and much more, CHV helps health centers reduce costs.


Our Health
Center Programs

CHV’s management team has been instrumental in the development and expansion of community health centers and in the programs that support their growth.

Featured Partners & Contracts

Take advantage of over 1 million products and services under contract, including
Medical Supplies, Dental Supplies, Capital Equipment, IT Contracts, and Office Supplies.

Our Approach


We gather a dynamic group of health center thought leaders to advise the CHV team on health centers’ challenges and possible solutions.

Business Development

We identify potential partner organizations committed to promoting the health center mission and understanding their operational challenges.


We examine prospective partner organizations through a standardized process to validate the partners we choose.


Promote the value of our chosen partners to the health center market.


Community Health Ventures By The Numbers

Over 1,300 Health Center Systems Utilizing CHV Programs

Over 1,000,000 Products and
Services Under Contract

Over $200 Million Dollars in Savings Achieved by CHCs

Billions of Dollars In Purchases By CHCs since 2001

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